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This site lists tickets being sold by myself and other local sellers who I can personally vouch for as good people who have also been selling tickets for years.  The event pages
will specify who the seller is and contact information.  If you don't see an event you're looking for or seats in a certain location or price range, it is possible that one of us can
sent on a mission to acquire them for you or perhaps just provide some advice or insight.

Why buy from sellers?
Simply put:  peace of mind.  We are original, local purchasers with proof of purchase.  You can talk to or meet with us in person if you have any questions or if you have a
problem with your tickets - like if they are lost, stolen or damaged and you need replacements.  We are
not brokers or an online-only website based out of the area selling 2nd
or 3rd-hand tickets with unknown validity.  There are bad guys out there who will try to prey on the unsuspecting.  See the
Ticket Fraud page for tips on avoiding invalid
tickets and be sure to report anything suspicious to law enforcement!
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Lower Level Aisle Seats @ Golden 1 Center in Sacramento ~ Season Tickets Sold by the Game
Sacramento Kings
San Francisco Giants
No concert tickets available right now....check back soon :-)
My buddies that owned the Lower Box seat licenses sold them so I don't currently have any Giants tickets available.  But, if you have season tickets and would like me
to advertise them for you, let me know :-)